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Tagged by :iconhorror-forever13:

I normally don't do tags or similar things, but this shipping themed one was Puppet Master related, so I just had to try it XD. 

Since I don't have any particular puppet ships I will use Lucia, who I "paired" with Tunneler

1)Choose a character that has a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fiancée.
2)Fill out the questions


1.Who is your lover?
Tunneler :heart:

2.What are they to you (Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiancée)?
As of now, he is my significant other. We were engaged when we were human and we intend to finish what we started

3.If you had to pick something, what would be your favorite thing about them?(Their personality, laugh, looks, etc.)(Do NOT say "I don't know" >:[.)
He's so strong and brave. He's the finest soldier I have ever met. No offense, Torch :XD:

4.If you aren't a virgin: Did you lose your virginity to them, or someone else?
I am still a virgin, but I'm going to give myself to him on our wedding night. He is totally worthy.

5.If they aren't a virgin: Did they lose their virginity to you?
He is still a virgin as far as I know. He better not have been messing around while he was away.

6.Would you like to get married, if you aren't already?
Absolutely!! I want my strong soldier now! *pout*

7.Any kids? What are they, and what're their names? If not, would you like to have them?
Maybe? I think it would be pretty sweet if we had a son that looks like him.

8.What would be you guys's theme song do you think? Why?
Probably this one:[link] It reminds me of the promise he made to me before he left to fight :heart:

9.Would you die for them?
Of course! I just need to learn to fight so I can protect my beloved...

10.What is the weirdest thing you've done together?
Hmm...I think it had to be the time I became a puppet and was scrunched in that trunk next to him.We started to cuddle, but we had to stop because the others were there ^^;

11.If you're married or engaged, how did you or your partner propose?
When we were human we had an argument about him leaving to fight overseas and we got mad at one another. Before he left, we ate at a nice restaurant and rekindled our relationship. You could imagine my surprise when he pulled out the most beautiful ring I've ever seen and asked me to be his wife! *swoon*

12.Have they cheated on you?
He'd better not. 

13.Do you think they'd cheat on you, if they haven't?
I doubt it. He's a fine, loyal soldier.

14.Would YOU cheat on THEM?
No way! I could never do that to Tunneler.

15.Do you like to snuggle with them?
Totally! :huggle:

16.What do you normally do when you're together?
When we're not performing in one of Herr Toulon's plays, we like to sit and reminisce about our days as humans. And I enjoy kissing him too :heart:

17.Could the two of you talk for hours on end non-stop?
Yessss!!! But it's hard sometimes 'cause he's quiet sometimes

18.Does your lover have any pets? What are they, and what are their names?
Nah, not yet. I'm kinda scared it will eat me

19.Do you call them any weird nicknames?
To me he's my fine, strong soldier, but sometimes I call him Drill Sergeant as a joke since he has that drill on his head. Once I called him Tunny and he got mad at me :giggle:

20.Have they ever broken your heart?
Oooh yes. We argued about him leaving for the war, cause I didn't want him to go. We got really mad at each other and I was so scared we were gonna break up.

21.Did they cheat on someone to be with you?

22.How did you confess your love to each other?
I admit, I had a crush on him from the beginning, but he was so reserved and I wasn't sure if he liked me. Then he admitted that he cared for me and we shared our first kiss. 

23.If you could take them somewhere, where would it be?
Someplace romantic like Paris or Hawaii (as humans of course) so we could go on our honeymoon.

24.What do you think is the most fun thing to do with them?
Snuggling, reminiscing, performing and fighting. I love watching him in action with that drill. Sometimes he takes his shirt off...:nosebleed:

25.What is the most romantic thing you've done together?
I think that would be the time we found each other again. He picked me up and swung me around while hugging me and I was crying because I was so happy to see him again.

26.Have the two of you gotten in any tickle wars? Who usually wins?
Sometimes I do, but as soon as he tickles my feet, I'm lost

27.Does your lover like getting tickled?
NOPE! But he loves me too much to punish me

28.Have you ever stolen your lover's clothes and ran around in them?
One time I took his coat because I was cold. He wasn't too happy, but he looked good without it...all nice and ripped....

29.What is your favorite sleeping position?
My head on his chest and his arms around me. I feel so safe with him <3

30.How do you normally sleep?
I always need a warm blanket on me b/c I hate being cold.

31.Do the two of you even sleep together?
Of course! I wouldn't feel safe and secure without him beside me.

32.If you do, do you sleep naked or with clothes on?
We sleep with clothes unless we're in the mood for some fun.

33.If the two of you even do this, how often do you have sex?'s kinda difficult since we're both puppets ehehehe. But we try 

34.If you do it a lot, do you mind doing it that much?
I enjoy it so much! It's the best feeling in the world, to be able to bond so deeply with someone special.

35.Who normally asks for sex? You or your partner?
I do, teeheehee. 

36.Do you live apart or together?
Together in a grand old hotel in California

37.Who do you think likes sex more, you or your partner?
I think he enjoys it more than he likes to admit. ;)

38.Why do you think you fell in love with your partner?
Tunneler is strong, smart, loyal and an excellent fighter. And he looks so handsome in his uniform! What more could a girl (or princess puppet) ask for?

39.Fast and rough sex, or slow and easy? What does your partner like better?
Hmm...I think we like it slow and sensual. Sometimes he goes wild, not that I'm complaining. Sometimes you gotta let it all out.

40.Who is normally on top?

41.How long did you love them before you told them?
I've had a crush on him for a while. Now I wish I told him before he first joined the military.

42.Were the two of you ever separated for a long period of time? How long?
Oh when he was away that was the worst! I was so worried!

43.Did your lover do something that almost made you stop loving them once?
Oh no! But to be fair, I didn't think I could ever love again after I learned that he died in the Nazi's salt mines.

44.Would you kill for your lover?
Maybe. Anyone who hurts my beloved solder can die in a fire! No, not now, Torch!

45.Has your lover ever been raped?
Nope. And anyone who does that to him will pay!

46.Do you know your lover's parents? Do you get along?
Um, does Toulon count? I can't just go back to my family as a puppet.

47.Is there something your lover does that can get on your nerves?
Unfortunately he can only communicate by growls and it's a little scary. I keep thinking a dog got in the hotel every time I hear him.

48.Does your lover snore or talk in their sleep? Do you mind it?

I think he was having a dream or something, because I heard him barking orders at someone in his sleep. Probably a fellow soldier

49.How often is your partner in your dreams?
Sometimes. I still dream about our reunion :)

50.Tell me everything you like about them.
Oh boy. His deep voice, his dark eyes, his ripped, sexy body, the way his uniform looks on him, and I love watching him take out his enemies with that drill. He's also a brave, loyal soldier who will fight for me and keep me safe. He also has a soft side to him, the side that snuggles me at night and keeps me safe and warm. :heart:

51.Did you know that your partner loved you before they told you? Did anyone else?
No, not at first. His guy friends might have suspected something was up, though.

52.Any last words?
Whew, that was long! If you'll excuse me, I'm off to find Tunneler *skips away singing*
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